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Work, work, work because once you stop you’re dead.

So I’m writing a paper proposal for my film class.  I have to analyze a film (or maybe just a scene from a film).  The analysis may be theoretical (feminist, Marxist; etc.) or formalistic (shots, camera angle, lighting; etc.).  I really want to do something vaguely noirish (preferably Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or the coffee scene from Heat) but there seems to be a gaping hole in academic sources relating to either film.


Murder, My Sweet (1944) Claire Trevor, Dick Powell, & Miles Mander

I’m taking a film class this semester and on the first day we watched Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal.  Yesterday, in the boredom that is my job (I put stickers on books and movies for hours at a stretch) I was thinking about the movie and BOOM! you get this list.

Things I Learned from The Seventh Seal

Other people see your problems more clearly than you do.

Everyone’s a critic.

Bragging may be the death of you.

Sometimes it pays to be an overbearing asshole.

Other times… not so much.

Some people just aren’t worth the wait.

Sometimes you can run away from your problems.

Everybody dies.

… even if Death has to pull overtime.